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History of Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

Tony Ferrara Smiling and Original Standard Heating Building

“Standard Heating & Air Conditioning started in 1930. In the late 1920s, a solicitor knocked on the door of our grandmother’s home in northeast Minneapolis and asked Mrs. Ferrara if the family needed to have its heating equipment serviced. Back in those days, door-knocking was a common business practice. She agreed to purchase the service under the condition that the company gave her son a job, which they did. And that was the start of a long story for Tony Ferrara and his family in the heating and cooling business. After working for some time in the area, Tony Ferrara went to St. Louis Missouri to sell heating equipment with Standard Heating of St. Louis. After some time, he missed his home in the Twin Cities so much, that he decided to come back and start Standard Heating & Air Conditioning in his parent’s backyard.”

– Todd and Ted Ferrara

This picture was taken in the 40s when Tony Ferrara moved Standard Heating & Air Conditioning to 410 West Lake Street


Standard Heating and Air Conditioning is still owned and operated by the Ferrara family. Todd and Ted Ferrara work hard every day to provide the Twin Cities with the highest professional service with the care of a family business.

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