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Replacing your air conditioner is not a simple decision as upgrading to new equipment can be a major investment. That’s why Standard Heating & Air Conditioning goes beyond the basics by installing air conditioning systems that are fully compatible with your home’s distribution system and your personal cooling needs. Our team is always looking for new ways to innovate and we’re experts when it comes to going green, so you can rest assured that your new air conditioner will be energy-efficient, leaving a minimal carbon footprint. And with NATE-certified technicians who are trained to handle all the latest tools and industry-leading technology, Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has everything you need for quality AC replacements in the Minneapolis area.

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When Should I Replace My AC Unit?

Your air conditioner plays an essential role in keeping your home cool and comfortable during the warm summer months. Yet, as time passes, even the most reliable AC unit can lose its efficiency. Typically, most air conditioners can last between 15 and 20 years, depending on the type of unit you have, maintenance history, and how often the system is used. However, even with regular tune-ups and necessary repairs performed, replacement will eventually be required. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye out for any signs that your air conditioner is not performing as it should.

Top Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your AC Unit Include:

  • Rising energy bills
  • Constant cycling
  • Frequent repairs
  • No cool air at all
  • Hot spots and airflow problems throughout your home

How to Choose an Air Conditioner

The correct size and features are critical for cooling efficiency, dehumidification, and overall comfort when selecting a new air conditioning unit. No single model or brand of air conditioner is best for every home, which is why all major manufacturers offer models made for various types of houses and HVAC systems. However, with so many options available, you may be uncertain of what factors to consider when selecting a new air conditioner. It’s best to evaluate the size of your home, the type of system you’d prefer, whether that be a central AC or ductless unit, as well as energy efficiency ratings when deciding on a new AC unit. You’ll also want to determine what size system you’ll need to adequately cool your space.

Many people think that “bigger is better” when choosing an air conditioner, however, your AC must be properly sized to your home, or it won’t cool it efficiently. This is true for air conditioners that are both oversized and undersized. That's why our Minneapolis air conditioner installation team always conducts an in-home heat gain and distribution analysis to determine the right size air conditioning unit for your property. We’ll ensure your new AC unit is perfectly sized, so your bills remain stable and your temperatures remain comfortable.

What Are the Benefits of a New Air Conditioner?

Today’s cooling systems are more energy-efficient than ever before. A rating called SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) has been established to help you determine the total efficiency of your AC equipment. Our air conditioning replacement experts in Minneapolis will explain all of your options to help you choose the best and most energy-efficient air conditioning system for your home, and work to provide quick installation with minimal disruption to your property.

Today’s Hi-Tech Air Conditioners Come With:

  • Up to 20 SEER ratings
  • Reduced sound performance
  • Superior control of humidity
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Multi-stage operation for maximum comfort
  • Greater energy efficiency, leading to lower utility bills
  • Enhanced controls and diagnostics for optimum AC performance
  • Puron® refrigerant (which is more environmentally-sound than Freon)

How Much Is a New AC Unit?

Replacing an air conditioner can be a major investment for homeowners. However, it is a necessary expense for those whose aging air conditioning unit has been on the fritz. The cost of a new AC installation can vary from home to home, depending on a range of factors such as where you live and the type and size system you need. Additionally, the size and layout of your home, the complexity of the installation process, as well as the removal of your old air conditioner, and any additional expenses such as modifications to your ductwork, can also influence the overall cost.

It's important to keep in mind that while investing in a high-quality system might seem costly upfront, it can ultimately save you money in the long run by providing better energy efficiency and longevity. We recommend consulting with our professional AC installation team to determine the best option that not only fits your cooling needs but your budget as well.

How to Cool Renovated Homes

Renovated homes present unique challenges when trying to evenly cool your house. Air conditioners need to be properly matched to your home’s central distribution system and professionally installed for optimum performance. Homes that have been renovated may experience a loss of efficiency due to ongoing system changes. This may lead to parts of the home feeling uncomfortable, and you may experience uneven cooling. At Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, our team of experts will complete a complex assessment of your Minneapolis home, working to keep you cool and comfortable on the hottest, most humid days.

Our Technicians Can Help Improve Cooling in Your Renovated Home By:

  • Assessing your energy needs
  • Determining how old your current system is
  • Designing customized equipment
  • Improving system energy efficiency
  • Reducing overall energy loss

Helping You Find the Right Air Conditioner For Your Minneapolis or St. Paul Home

Every home is different. That’s why at Standard Heating & Air Conditioning we always consider your home’s cooling delivery system and conduct a heat-gain analysis, allowing us to guarantee exceptional comfort as well as optimum efficiency. Additionally, when considering a new system, we can also review your energy usage and present you with options for high-efficiency air conditioners that are designed to actually save you money over time. Some homeowners can even reduce their energy costs by 30%! And with potential rebates from your utility company, it never hurts to contact our experienced Minneapolis AC installers to find out more about your available options.

Remember, there comes a point where it may be more cost-effective to completely replace your AC unit than keeping repair it, and at Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, we promise to be honest about when that time arrives for your system.

Why Hire Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for AC Installation?

For 90 years, Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has gone above and beyond to find specific AC solutions for a range of homes. Our air conditioning company is family-owned and women-operated, proudly serving the entire Twin Cities metro area. We have a fleet of technicians, service vehicles, and sales representatives available to serve you during the hot Minnesota summer months, so you never have to worry about going without working AC equipment for long. And because we are available for same-day and emergency services, there’s never a bad time to contact our Minneapolis AC replacement experts.

When you contact us for a fast and reliable installation, you may also be able to take advantage of our many specials and financing options, designed to fit any budget. With an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and favorable reviews from homeowners across the area, you already know we will live up to our reputation.

To request a free estimate or schedule an appointment with our Minneapolis air conditioning installation team, just dial (612) 324-1015 or contact us online today.

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