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Animal Humane Society

photo of the animal humane society logo

Animal humane society

Who is the Animal-Human Society?

The animal humane society is a non-profit animal shelter for surrendered or rescued pets. Their vision is to compassionately and responsibly create a more humane world for animals. According to their website, they care for more than 22,000 animals each year. Their mission is to engage the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help animals. 93% of the animals entrusted to their care were adopted into homes, reunited with owners, or placed with other animal welfare organizations.

Being an HVAC company, Standard Heating & Air Conditioning encounters house pets daily. We value and respect the responsibility and care it takes to own a pet at home, and so we partner with the Animal Humane Society to give back to an organization that our company and our community care for. If you would like to learn more about this great organization or are in search of adopting an animal, please click here.

Giving Back!

Standard Heating & Air Conditioning partners with the Animal Humane Society non-profit. Since 2014, we have raised $19,275 for this non-profit organization with your help & efforts!


What is the 5 for $25! Drive?

5 for $25 is a charity drive that Standard Heating & Air Conditioning started in 2012! When a repair, replacement, or maintenance service is completed we send a request to every customer to fill out a review. Once they leave a review they have the option to select a non-profit organization they’d like to support. Once selected we donate $25 towards the non-profit of your choice!

This enables us to give back to multiple non-profit organizations in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Communities. In total, we have partnered with our customers to raise $47,400!

Why Reviews?

We rely heavily on customer feedback & yes we do read every single review submitted! We care for a number of reasons. Reviews come directly from you, our customers within our community. They are unfiltered and honest. This helps us develop and improve our customer service, and internal processes, and allow us to continually grow and understand what we can improve on. Hearing how we are doing straight from our customers helps us live up to the high standard of service that you deserve! We take all reviews very seriously and are so thankful for each and every one.

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