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How To Change Your Aprilaire 600 Humidifier Filter

image of aprilaire humidifier

Instructions on how to change your humidifier filter pad correctly. This video showcases a common model, Aprilaire 600.

Aprilaire 600 Humidifier Filter Pad

Hello, my name is Joe. Sales Representative and former Maintenance Technician at Standard Heating & Air Conditioning. Today I am going to show you how to change a humidifier filter on a 600 series Aprilaire humidifier.

Removing the Filter Pad

First, push the tabs on top and bottom of the humidifier cabinet and remove the cover. Next, gently pull the water line from the filter housing. Make sure to keep it elevated as there may be water inside the hose.

Next, pull the tabs on both sides of the filter house and remove them from the cabin. Remove the top tray. Make sure when removing the filter pad, do it over a trash can there may be sediment that falls off.

Replacing the Filter Pad

When putting the new water panel back into the black housing. There is no front or back, but there is a top and bottom. Make sure to have the painted stripes on the humidifier pad facing up as you put it back in the black housing. Be sure to secure the top tray with the insert for the water hose facing you.

Finishing it up

When replacing the housing put it in at an angle so the bottom drain hole goes in first. Push the top of the housing into the cabinet and make sure both sides click. Re-insert the humidifier feed tube back in.

An easy trick to get this back on is to secure the top tab first, then the bottom. Lastly, change the damper from summer back to winter. You did it!

Thank You

If you have any questions, call us anytime at either the Minneapolis location: (612) 324-1015, or the St. Paul location: (612) 324-1015. Thank you for choosing Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, have a great day!

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