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How to Change Your Aprilaire 2210 Furnace Filter

image of a 2210 filter

Instructions on how to change your Aprilaire 213 filter correctly.

Aprilaire 2210 Filter

I am Deacon, a Senior Maintenance Technician at Standard Heating & Air Conditioning in Minnesota.

Today we are going to show you how to change the filter on a 2210 model Aprilaire. Very simple and easy to do folks. The filter opens like an accordion, you will want to make sure that the arrow on this model filter is pointed toward the furnace.

Start by putting the filter in compressed, and pulling it back to slide on the rails (the top and the bottom are exactly the same). Push the filter on the bottom a little bit, and make sure it is hinged. Lift up, attach it to the top rails, and push it in.

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