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Furnace Installation Process

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What Takes Place Before

Every home is different & during your appointment with a sales representative, they will measure your home to correctly fit the right sized furnace to be installed in your home. There are several factors that may affect the process and the timeline for installation.

Examples of What Can Happen

If the existing ductwork can be used & does not require repairs, the installation process may be completed on the same day.  Generally, however, our HVAC installation team will need to remove the current system, repair or replace ductwork as needed and install the new system. This process can take four to six hours or even a full day to complete in some cases.

Don’t Wait for Snow to Replace!

HouseMany homeowners do not consider getting a furnace replacement until their existing system has completely conked out. We can provide fast repair or replacement service when this type of event occurs, but the fact is that it is often better to plan ahead for a replacement. Even with the fast service offered by our team, most likely there will often be at least a couple of hours before our technicians can arrive.

In addition, it may be several more hours before the furnace replacement service is completed. During this time, the home can become uncomfortably cool, or even frigid on brutally cold days. The best time to consider getting a furnace replacement is before the cold weather season has begun. If you believe that your existing system is on its last leg or is no longer energy efficient, start your research now. If you’d like to speak to one of our team members in Minneapolis, (612) 324-1015 or St. Paul, (612) 324-1015 call now!

What To Ask When Researching

mapSome local heating and cooling companies in the Twin Cities area only service select areas. Here are a few things we recommend you start the conversation with:

  1. Do you service my area?
  2. Do you offer assistance with my current make and model?

You do not want to be limited by your options when making an important decision such as this, and when you work with our team at Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, you will enjoy honest information about all of the options available to you.

Why Choose Standard Heating?

Standard heating employees

There are many heating and cooling service providers that you can choose to work with when scheduling a repair or replacement of a furnace in St. Paul and Minneapolis area. The nice thing about choosing Standard Heating is that both of our locations are in the Twin Cities.

We have been around For over 90 years of service, and family-owned & operated since inception! A strong reputation is important when selecting an H.V.A.C. company. In fact, we encourage you to see what others are saying about us with over 13,000+ unfiltered reviews found on Google, Facebook, Angie’s List & more. 

When the time comes to schedule a furnace repair or replacement service, count on our team at Standard Heating & Air Conditioning for professional assistance. Call our Minneapolis, (612) 324-1015, or St. Paul, (612) 324-1015, location now to schedule assistance with one of our honest, friendly customer service representatives.

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