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A Poem by Your Furnace

Cartoon furnace with a sad face next to a paper and pen

If only I were a car…

A poem by your furnace

My owner bought a new car today, and it’s really nice

My owner knew exactly what they wanted, they were very precise

Great gas mileage, quiet engine, and heated driver’s seat

All that plus a price no one could beat

Yet I sit here all alone dust covering me from bottom to top

The only thing in this room is my friend the mop

I was new too once, only 2 years ago

And since then I have been treated only so so

When I arrived here I was so shiny and new

My owner had no idea all the cool stuff I could do

I was quiet, efficient, and they could adjust me from their phone

I would make sure I warmed the house before they got home

Now I’m struggling to keep up, my filter is so dirty

How am I supposed to make it until 2030?

Why can’t my owner treat me like their new car

with regular maintenance, I could go so very far

They would never skip an oil change or drive with a flat tire

Yet they ignore me until a repair will transpire

Even then they don’t heed the repairman’s warning

“Yeah, Yeah, We’ll take care of it in the morning”

I just want the car’s level of love and attention

Tune ups and cleaning are a couple to mention

I don’t mean to whine or sound too sappy

I only want to keep you warm, safe, and happy

Now you know how I feel, I’ve told you point blank

After my yearly tune up, Standard heating you will thank

With regular maintenance, the outlook isn’t so glum

I’ll run like a champ for many years to come

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