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If Your Furnace Was a Car

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If you think of your furnace as your own car, it is easier to understand the value of following the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintaining your equipment.

Based on the average winter degree days in Minnesota, the average furnace is firing approximately 7,392 hours each year (Fahrenheit-based 5-year-average (2008 to 2012) heating degree days for a base temperature of 65F ).

When Automobile Manufacturers set up their Warranty Policy, they normally use 12,000 as their amount of miles per year (Autobytel). Realistically, we estimate that the average car in Minnesota is driven 15,000 miles approximately in every given year, which averages 540 hours of use.

Based on these estimates, your furnace accumulates an average of 205,333 furnace miles each year. When was the last time you drove that many miles in a year?

The U.S. Department of Energy states that the lifespan of a furnace is between 15 to 20 years (Department of Energy). At the rate used previously, your gas furnace could run approximately 3,500,000 furnace miles in its lifetime.

Minnesota winters make your furnace work hard. Give proper maintenance to your furnace to maximize its lifetime and minimize your family’s safety risks. For a furnace repair, furnace maintenance, or furnace replacement, contact the Twin Cities experts. From our family to yours… since 1930.

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