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Heating Differences from a Boiler vs. a Furnace

A Lennox boiler unit

Boiler vs. Furnace

Boilers and furnaces are two of the most common heating methods in the United States. In Minnesota, older homes tend to have boiler systems and newer homes traditionally have gas forced air. Luckily for the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, Standard Heating & Air Conditioning are experts in both!

We’re breaking down how boilers and furnaces differ, specifically on how they heat your home.

Water Vs. Air

Furnaces and boilers heat your home in different ways. Furnaces used forced air; they pull air from inside your home, heat it, then send it back through your ductwork to warm your home.

Boilers, on the other hand, use water or steam to create heat. Through a system of pipes, the hot water is moved around your home, creating radiant heat. You won’t feel any air, but the warm water that is pumped through your radiators will raise the temperature.

Both systems operate with a thermostat and can efficiently warm your home if maintained and operated properly.

Air Conditioning & Humidity Control

Forced air affords you the ability to include an air conditioner into your system with ease. It can also increase the need to add humidity to the home due to the moving air in the winter. Adding humidity can be accomplished by including a whole home humidifier with your gas forced air furnace.

Radiant heat from a boiler has been reported to provide a more even and consistent heat throughout a home. Adversely, with radiant heat you would need to purchase additional/separate equipment such as, but not limited too, a fan coil or mini split ductless system if air conditioning or humidity control is desired.

The Comfort You Deserve

Since 1930, Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has been keeping homes comfortable throughout the Minneapolis, St. Paul and 7-County metro. If you have questions or concerns about your furnace or boiler, contact our experts today at (612) 324-1015.