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Service Technician Talks about Career Advancement

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Service Technician Talks about Career Advancement at Standard Heating

Standard Heating TechnicianThis week, our service technician Benton switched from his old service van to a new one (look for the new vans on the road!). While moving his tools and parts, he was kind enough to take a few minutes and share his perspective about his career advancement as a service technician. When asked what he likes about his job, he had a lot to say. “Besides moving into a new van, it comes down to I am happy with all the opportunities that I’ve had along the way. Going back to school right now, being asked to chair the safety committee, and just having leadership opportunities is helping me on my career path.” In addition to already earning a technical HVAC degree, Benton is finishing his last year of a 4-year degree in Operations Management.

As busy as Benton can be with work, school, and family, he does make time for some hobbies. “I definitely enjoy my 1968 Honda motorcycle restoration project. And for all my regular customers, if you want me to do your furnace tune-up, you should call now. January and February are great times to do a mid-winter tune-up and safety check. Plus I’ll have some open appointments during these months, and less time in the fall, because I’ll be grouse hunting!”

To learn a little bit more about the career opportunities at Standard Heating and the benefits mentioned, you can read more below.

Career Advancement

One technical career path is the maintenance and service track. Benton started as a maintenance specialist at Standard Heating while earning a technical degree. After additional time in the industry and after completing his degree, he transitioned to a service technician. There are several technical career tracks, including maintenance, service, and installation. The non-technical routes include sales, customer service, and other operational positions.

Work-Life Balance

Many positions at Standard Heating allow employees flexibility with work and school. Some go to school as part-time students and work full-time while participating in our tuition reimbursement program. We also offer alternative schedules that fit the needs of our employees and their families. Other benefits include four weeks of paid time off and two weeks of paid parental leave for eligible employees.

Company Culture

Our mission is to make lives better through the practice of our trades, including the lives of our employees. We are a family-owned business, established in 1930, and have remained committed to the communities where we live and work. In 2017, with the help of our employees, Standard Heating donated $11,775 to non-profit organizations in our 5 for $25 Drive. These include local nonprofits that work with veterans, children, families, and pets. In addition to the 5 for $25 Drive program, Standard Heating has been a member of the Minnesota Keystone Program since 1996, giving back 5% of pre-tax earnings to 501(c)3 organizations.

If Benton sounds like someone you would want to work with (and you think Standard Heating sounds great, too), you can check out our current open positions.

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