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Learn How To Save Energy and Money

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It’s officially fall! School has started and temperatures are beginning to drop. Seems like a great time to test, and expand, your knowledge about energy use and thermostats. We’ll make it easy with a “true or false” quiz:

  1. The average household spends several thousand dollars per year on energy billsTrue or false?
  2. The location of your thermostat makes no difference to its performance and efficiency. True or false?
  3. Setting the thermostat at a higher temperature will heat your house faster. True or false?
  4. For every degree you lower your heat in the 60-degree to 70-degree range, you’ll save up to five percent on heating costs. True or false?
  5. Many people do not know how to use their programmable thermometers and waste energy improperly. True or false?

Answer Key:

1. True 

2. False

3. False

4. True

5. True 

Take time to learn more about these important topics. You may not have a teacher to impress, but your housemates, spouse or partner will appreciate the lower energy bills that may result!

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