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We Recycle, Just Like You!

A person in a striped sweater holding a green box with a recycling symbol on it full of brown paper

Our Sustainability Efforts

We recycle, just like you! We know that it’s essential to do our part in protecting the environment, and we’re committed to recycling as much as we can. At Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, we have a comprehensive recycling program and wanted to give you a glimpse into how we try to take care of our Earth through sustainable practices.

Why Recycling is Important

Recycling is important for many reasons. First, it helps us conserve energy and resources. Recycling reduces the number of materials that need to be produced, saving energy and reducing pollution. Second, recycling helps keep harmful materials out of the environment.

How We Do Our Part

Standard Heating is proud to be a recycling leader in the community. We recycle the materials from old furnaces and air conditioners, including sheet metal, steel, copper, refrigerant, refrigeration oil, and mercury. Our EPA-certified technicians handle hazardous refrigerants safely and securely, ensuring that there is no risk of leaks.

We only work with reputable companies that follow EPA protocol for handling hazardous materials. By recycling these materials, we can help reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

Refrigerant Disposal

Standard Heating partners with Reclamation Technologies to recycle refrigerant. Reclamation Technologies stores refrigerant until the technology becomes available to recycle it, or they destroy it according to strict EPA guidelines. Standard Heating completes the recycling process by purchasing recycled refrigerant!

Our Environmentally-Conscious Facility

Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s North Minneapolis facility, which opened in 2009.  When the building was built there were specific decisions made for environmental, carbon reduction, and managing industrial hazardous waste.

We built a storm drain filter system to help purify the water on our property before it goes to public water sources. Our building has windows that are Low E Glass, which reflects the sunlight in the summer and allows more sunlight in the winter, and an Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system, that takes outside air and turns it into heat indoors, both to help reduce our energy emissions. Our entire facility has LED bulbs, and our roof is engineered for future solar panels. 

Lastly, we have a recycling area where we properly dispose of recycled materials from old heating and cooling equipment. We hope these features will inspire others to take action and make their buildings more environmentally friendly!

Doing Our Part for the Earth

The entire Standard Heating & Air Conditioning team is dedicated to sustainability and Earth-friendly practices. We hope you’ll join us in recycling and conserving energy! Thanks for doing your part. Together, we can make a difference.