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Heating Habits That Are Costing You Money


If you are anything like us, you'd want to know the best ways to save money on heating your home this winter! Here are a few tips that might help:

Here are a few habits to take a look at when heating your home this winter.

Are you cranking up the thermostat?

You might think that setting the thermostat to a higher temperature will help warm a cold home up fast. In reality, cranking up the temperature results in a cranked-up heating bill. Instead of turning the temperature up, follow the Department of Energy recommendations and set your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature and leave it, or invest in a programmable thermostat that allows you to adjust the setting from when you are home and away.

The bottom line is don't just crank it up and down all day long. The benefit of keeping a consistent temperature means your system won't cycle on and off, saving you money.

Are you skipping annual maintenance?

Changing your filter regularly and scheduling annual tune-ups may seem unnecessary. In reality, these small tasks help keep your system running more efficiently, and longer. Change your filter according to the manufacturer's or your technician’s recommendations. Schedule a bi-annual tune-up for your system before winter sets in to get ahead of costly mid-winter repair and to make sure your system doesn't have to work harder, which can result in higher energy bills.

  • Wear warm clothes around the house (no need to crank up that thermostat!)
  • Change out sheets for flannel sets to add extra warmth
  • Invest in rugs to help insulate floors and prevent cold feet in the mornings, cause who likes having cold feet?

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