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Turning the Furnace On

woman looking out the window seeing snow and is visibly upset

Are we in denial of the weather or are we just toughing it out?

There is something about us as Minnesotan’s not wanting to turn the furnace on when the cold settles in. We may feel like we are giving in to the season by telling ourselves that winter is here. In other words, it may very well be a way of denying the outside temperatures (are you one of those that vows to wait til Thanksgiving?) OR it’s just a way to show everyone, including our energy and gas companies how tough we are.

Here is a proud Minnesotan on social media (Twitter):

In either case, whether is denial or a sign of toughness, there are people in Minnesota that sometimes go too far. For instance, the group of college students tested their limits by not turning on the furnace until January! (Source: StarTribune) We don’t recommend this route of course.

“Xcel Energy has no real statistics on when most switches get flipped, because the decision to break in the furnace for the season, is also dependent on personal preference.” says spokeswoman Patti Nystuen.

If you happen to be a married couple in the Twin Cities area, this decision is critical. Both you and your partner may seem to have different “thermostats,” and your partner may ask you to turn on the furnace as soon as the chill hits, but the other may want to keep the furnace off until the last minute.

In any case, we here at Standard Heating & Air Conditioning know that the temperature forecast is looking to be freezing and we recommend you do whatever is necessary to make yourself comfortable as the fast-approaching winter chill lies ahead.

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