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Furnace Replacement: Customer Success Story

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Customer Success Story: New Furnaces Experts

Janelle from Cottage Grove is looking forward to the installation of a new York high-efficient multi-stage furnace! Thanks for trusting Standard Heating & Air Conditioning with your installation! 

Janelle from Cottage Grove shared the story of her mother with us. Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has been servicing her mother’s equipment for more than 20 years now. The company has exceeded her expectations since the beginning. She told us about the professionalism of the experts and the extra mile that the technicians go to satisfy our customers. In her specific case, Mike, one of the first-class technicians that we have, takes the time to deliver furnace filters to Janelle’s mom.

She feels warm this winter not only from the great furnace Standard installed but from the expert care that the company provides. Based on her mother’s testimony, Janelle was confident in her decision to choose Standard Heating & Air Conditioning for the care of a professional, family-owned company.

Here are more great comments from our customers about their experiences with Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.


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