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Food Drive 2012 at Standard Heating Minneapolis

Brown background with cans of food at the bottom next to a donation box

Community Engagement at Standard Heating

Food PackageAt Standard Heating, we pride ourselves on helping out the communities we serve.

Most of us watch the news, and we see the struggles people face every day. Especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, as a company, we decided that we needed to help.

We contacted our friends at Second Harvest Heartland and asked them how we can help. They were more than happy to provide us with ideas to help raise money and provide food donations to the people that were not only impacted by that tragedy but to also help those in our own communities that struggle every day with getting a good meal. They provided us with ideas and some tools to help a great cause like fighting hunger. During our food drive, we were able to fill six boxes of non-perishable food, and we were able to raise money to directly help those most in need.

Here at Standard Heating, we are very proud of our efforts to help give back as much as we can. We also look forward to doing another food drive in the near future, but next time with the help of our customers!

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