Oldest Home in Minnesota: The Sibley House

Did you know that the oldest home in Minnesota was taken care by Standard?

That's right! Standard Heating & Air Conditioning installed the much-needed central heating system of the 177- year-old Sibley House located in Mendota.

Why is this such a big deal?

The Sibley House, located in Mendota, MN, was built in 1835 and it is the oldest private residence in the state. Best known as the home of Minnesota's first governor, Henry Sibley, the home lacked of central heat; and this was the primary cause of the serious decomposing affecting the home itself and its historic artifacts.

What made this a challenging work?

  • The two-story, 5,000 sq. ft. home's walls were solid 2 1/2-ft. thick and consisted of a combination of grass, mud, limestone, and plaster
  • The foot-thick interior walls had no wall cavity in which to run ductwork
  • There was no indoor plumbing system to provide a way to drain a condensing furnace
  • Heating registers did not exist when the home was built
  • It was critical to maintain the aesthetics and historical integrity of the home
  • When Standard made its quote in 1985, there was no money to pay for the job

What were the results?

  • Installation of a quiet and efficient gas furnace
  • A creatively devised system that concealed much of the supply side ductwork and registers
  • Custom ordered registers with cast iron grille designs in keeping with period of the home
  • A central return air system in the basement that uses the basement stairway and common areas of the home to return air back to the furnace

So, next time you go to the Sibley House, feel the comfort provided by a Standard Heating & Air Conditioning furnace installation.

Where is the Sibley House located?
Here is the location if you plan to visit:

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