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Vehicle Donation Contributes to The Lift Garage Services

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Minneapolis-based nonprofit The Lift Garage will use Standard Heating's vehicle donation to launch a new mobile diagnostic service.

Standard Heating Vehicle Donation to The Lift Garage

MINNEAPOLIS—Feb. 28, 2017—On Tuesday, Standard Heating & Air Conditioning donated a vehicle to The Lift Garage. This Minneapolis-based nonprofit will use this donation to launch a new mobile diagnostic service, part of the affordable auto repair services that help get cars working safely and back on the road.

Founded by Cathy Heying in 2013, The Lift Garage is a nonprofit auto repair shop that serves Minnesotans that meet the 150% Federal Poverty Guideline. Customers pay about one-third of the market rate.

In addition to this vehicle donation, Standard Heating has also contributed donations to The Lift Garage through the 5 for $25 Drive.

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