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American Technical Education Association

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Supporting Education

Elderly man in a suitIn 2014, Ted Ferrara was invited to speak at the 51st ATEA National Conference on “The Role of Technical Education in Creating Companies” as part of the Dunwoody Alumni Entrepreneurs panel.

Here are a few of the quotes from Ted:

  • “I grew up in a family that owned a business and since I was 11 years old I spent every summer vacation working in the family business … I loved the business … am currently on the Board of Trustees of Dunwoody College of Technology and am the Chairman of the Board through the end of this fiscal year. “
  • “Paraphrasing Winston Churchill I would say “This is not the beginning of the end, you know, it’s the end at the beginning and there’s a whole lot more to come once you have your degree. When you graduate you’re going to be in for a lifetime of continuous learning.”
  • “We can’t stay insulated from one another and be critics. we’ve really got to work together and be very close so that what people are learning is in fact what you as academics know they need to learn to be educated people but that also is responsive to the market … We live in a country where what we do for work defines who we are.”
  • “The education system preparing students has to be more than just preparing students only for a vocation. It’s necessary but not sufficient.”

Watch the entire segment of the conference:

The American Technical Education Association's (ATEA) emphasis is on professional development, practical teaching ideas, and best practices. They are dedicated to excellence in the quality of post-secondary technical education and recognize outstanding performances and leadership. Visit the ATEA website and learn more here.

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