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Air Conditioning Tune-Up

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3 Ways to Know if you are getting a Great Air Conditioning Tune-up

How do you know if your Air Conditioning tune-up is worth the money?
Most people don’t.

At Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, customer service also means education! Here are the top 3 ways to know if you are getting a great Air Conditioning tune-up.

1 – The representative inspect the whole system

Man checking a unitTo effectively perform a tune-up, a certified technician must thoroughly check for any and all issues that may impede the efficient operation of the system. A great Air Conditioning tune-up should include the evaluation of the indoor as well as the outdoor unit to ensure overall system performance. A comprehensive tune-up always includes a thorough inspection of the system’s application, installation, cleanliness of air movement components, and airflow.

2 – The tech reviews the basics

Before performing any adjustments, the technician should closely review the complete system by asking himself the following questions:

  • Man holding a checklistWhat type of system is this?
  • Are there any perceived issues with the system?
  • Where are the return and supply air openings and air filters? Are they adequately sized, and clear for airflow?
  • Is the condensate drain connected, clear, and properly trapped?
  • Is the supply duct in good condition? Is it adequately sized for the system?
  • Is the blower or the coil dirty?
  • What is the refrigerant metering device? If it’s a thermostatic expansion valve, is the sensing bulb mounted properly?
  • Is the indoor blower motor speed set up to provide the correct airflow?

Once the certified technician obtains this information, the outdoor unit operation should be disabled and the system enabled at the thermostat level. Then, the indoor operation should be confirmed with attention focused on any abnormal sounds or visual concerns with wiring and equipment connections. Failure to take the time to ask these general questions could cause the technician to wrongly diagnose a problem.

An untrained tech is more likely to make preventable mistakes. For example, the air conditioning system needs to work for at least ten minutes before any measurement. If this step is avoided, the technician will get an inaccurate read of the refrigerant level.

3 – The certified technician clearly explains what was done and answers all your questions

Customers have repeatedly stated that they enjoy having the same technician over and over. They value getting to know the same technician as well as the fact that the technician gets to know the equipment like the back of his/her hand.

If your technician leaves without carrying out these 3 steps, be cautious. At Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, our techs always follow these protocols and will offer you the best service. We ensure that our air conditioning tune-ups cover all the points you need to make sure your system will run properly through each season. In the case that any repairs are needed, our technicians carry the most common parts in their trucks and will automatically give a one-year warranty on repairs.

Man checking on a unitAs part of our A/C Performance tune-up, we will:

  • Check refrigerant levels and adjust them if needed
  • Check electrical for proper connection and safety
  • Check compressor
  • Clean coil using water and/or nitrogen

Heating and Cooling education is just part of the deal when you work with Standard; our technicians take the time to answer all the questions you may have. It’s been since 1930, and we’ve served over 475,000 satisfied Twin Cities homeowners. Our customers value the high quality of our workmanship and say we are prompt, reliable, friendly, and professional. 

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