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Your Vision for Quality Is Our Mission

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Quality and pride come not only with how you feel inside your home but how you feel about the longevity of your investments.

Standard Heating & Air Conditioning always encourages others to have high integrity in what they do, how they live, and where they are going! Our mission is to make your life better through the practice of our trade, based on your needs.

Remaining a fixture in our community and keeping you happy

To be successful in the heating and cooling business and bring you the best service, we strive to hire well-versed employees and support our customers as a whole. We are committed to providing you with the best and the most affordable products on the market while keeping you up to date with service and maintenance.

At Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, we want to ensure your satisfaction. Not only with our expertise on your equipment at home, but we also want to make it a streamlined process for you. This includes providing financial options for making the best investment for your living situation in the long term. We offer many alternatives with varying brands of the best equipment and we will always recommend based on your goals.

Going the extra mile!

Our new facility, which is located in the heart of the Twin Cities, holds not only the equipment to service your home but also holds our fantastic team to meet your needs. The centerpiece of the facility is our state-of-the-art training center. We spend a lot of time improving our skills and updating our technology for today to ensure that we can deliver excellence.

We are here to meet your demands with Minnesota weather!

Our high standards ensure you:

  • On-Time Appointments – You can always count on us to arrive promptly for your scheduled service.
  • Honest Pricing – Rest assured, your final bill will always be the same as the price shown on your quote.
  • Best Value – Our size and reputation means we can purchase heating and cooling equipment in large quantities and pass those savings on to you without cutting any corners

What we truly appreciate: YOU and your feedback!

After each appointment with our customers, we want to let you know that WE ARE LISTENING! Should you like to give us a review and be heard, we appreciate you visiting the following links to do so. We want to encourage you to act now because, for every five minutes that you take to write a review by the end of 2013, we will donate $25 to the local non-profit of your choice! Here is the list of the review sites: Google+ Reviews, Yelp, and Facebook

And we love getting notes like this in the mail too, so if you feel a personal thank you is better, we’d gladly accept it!


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