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Minnesota Keystone Program

Minnesota keystone program

Building Communities through Two and Five-Percent Giving


For over 17 years, Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has been a Keystone member. The company is part of the “5% Club,” meaning that 5% of our pre-tax net earnings go to donations every year. There are three kinds of contributions: cash contributions (including securities and real estate), in-kind donations (products or services), and employee volunteerism (during normal business hours).

The Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce launched Minnesota Keystone in 1976 to recognize companies that enhance the quality of life in Minnesota by giving back a percentage of pre-tax net earnings every year. The commitment of Keystone participants promises to sustain Minnesota’s spirit of generosity and sense of community. Minnesota Keystone Participants join a group of businesses that are leaders in the community and in their industries. They set an example that motivates other companies to participate.

Todd Klingel

Todd Klingel, President, and CEO of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce said once “Each of these companies makes a huge difference in its own community every day. Minnesota Keystone celebrates this generosity.”

To see the list of all companies you can go to http://www.minneapolischamber.org/mrcc-our-region/minnesotakeystonemembers/

Any company or professional association with an operating presence in Minnesota can qualify. For more information about the Program visit the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce.

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