Home for the Holidays

We are thankful to our veterans for everything they do for this country. That is why we jumped at the opportunity to partner with WCCO and MACV to help our veterans this Holiday Season.

Submission Rules

Viewers must fill out an online electronic registration form with complete name, address, phone number, birth date, email address, and essay entry submission field describing why they (a military veteran) or a military veteran they know should be nominated to receive a furnace from Standard Heating & Air Conditioning. Viewers will be asked to submit an essay in 500 words or less as to why they would like to nominate themselves or someone they know to win a furnace and air conditioner as a military veteran in need.

Nomination Requirements

  1. Must be 18+ years of age.
  2. Must be a military veteran.
  3. Must live in the 7-county metro area of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.
  4. Must currently be receiving state/federal assistance.
  5. Must currently have need based assistance (AMI-Adjusted Median Income).
  6. Must own the home that will receive the furnace, no apartment dwellings allowed.
  7. The winner's home must have ductwork, no ductless homes allowed.
  8. The winner's home can't change from boiler to gas forced air with the new furnace.

Nominations Closed

Sorry we missed you! The submission deadline has passed.