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How Much Does A Boiler Cost?

A new Burnham boiler in a basement

How Much Does a Boiler Cost?

If you have a boiler, we’re here to help you identify the cost, different types of boilers, benefits of a replacement, and the importance of maintenance. There are two major categories of boilers, cast iron & high efficiency. Here at Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, we service, maintain, and install both types!

The difference between cast iron and high-efficiency boilers & their cost.

Cast Iron Boiler

Cast iron boilers are a common heating source in Minnesota. Cast iron boilers are a great option for several reasons, the initial purchase price typically runs lower than a high-efficiency boiler, they often require less maintenance, and can last a very long time.

The cost of a cast iron boiler in today’s market (March 2023) start around $9,000 and can go up from there for replacement. Cast iron boilers usually have a long lifespan when properly maintained, we typically see these types of boilers lasting between 25-35 years.

High-Efficiency Boiler

High-efficiency boilers are another great option for homeowners. Before we get into pricing, we wanted to touch on some of the common questions we get around high-efficiency boilers.

We often hear reservations about the short lifespan of high-efficiency boilers, we like to speak about the manufacturing of the product. The high-efficiency boilers we install are made with stainless steel fire tube heat exchangers, which can be more susceptible to deterioration. When properly installed and regularly maintained, the high-efficiency equipment’s lifespan can last much longer than led to believe. When you get bids from contractors ensure that they are measuring and sizing the equipment properly to your home and your comfort needs.

High-efficiency boilers in today’s market (March 2023) start around $9,000 and can go up from there for replacement. High-efficiency boilers are designed to modulate the water temperature in the system based on the outdoor temperature, resulting in great energy savings and comfort.

Are there benefits to replacing vs. a repair?

The baseline for a replacement is based on the heat exchanger condition & repairs required. Your service technician should always provide options for you when it comes to repair or replacement. You should feel educated and informed before you make any decision. Our goal here at Standard Heating is for you to feel educated on all the options when deciding between a repair or replacement.

A cast iron heat exchanger (your boilers heat exchanger) has components you can’t see, and you should leave it up to the professionals to diagnose the issue. When scheduling a service appointment with Standard Heating, there are a few critical diagnostics tests our certified technicians will perform. A combustion analysis will allow our technicians to measure the carbon monoxide and oxygen levels of your equipment. If our technician's analysis comes back abnormal, they will look inside the burner box and check to see if there are any soot or rust flakes. If there are, that typically is a sign that your system is near its end, and you should start considering the replacement of your equipment.

If you decide on the replacement route, Standard Heating will send out a local sales representative who will measure and provide the options best suited for your home and comfort needs.

The difference boiler maintenance can make.

With any appliance, longevity has to do with the on-and-off cycles and proper sizing.

With a properly sized and maintained boiler, the on and off cycles will run more efficiently and result in a longer lifespan with your system. If you have an improperly sized boiler and you have little to no maintenance performed – its lifespan will be much shorter.

Here at Standard Heating, we believe in the importance of maintenance and proper installation. Next time a Standard Heating technician is in your home ask about our maintenance plan for your boiler!

To request a boiler repair, maintenance, or sales appointment call 612-824-2656 or contact us online today.

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