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Basic Thermostat Set Up | Honeywell T-6 Programmable

honeywell t-6 thermostat

Above: Instructions on how to set up the 3 most common settings in the Honeywell T-6 Thermostat.

How to Set the Honeywell T-6 Programmable Thermostat

Hello, my name is Joe. I am a Sales Representative and former Maintenance Technician at Standard Heating & Air Conditioning. Today I am going to show you how to set up the 3 most common settings on your Honeywell T-6 Programmable Thermostat:

  1. System settings
  2. Changing temperature & fan speed
  3. Scheduling preferences

T-6 Programmable Honeywell Thermostat Setup Instructions

How to Set Honeywell Thermostat1. System Setting

  • To change system settings, touch the mode button on the left-hand side of the thermostat.
  • To switch from heating to cooling, or to turn everything off continue to press the mode button until you have found your desired selection.

2. Temperature

  • To change the temperature, touch the plus (+) or minus (-) button on either side of your thermostat.
  • To change fan operation find the fan button in the right-hand corner of your thermostat, and press that button until you have found your desired setting.

3. Scheduling Preferences

  • To update your scheduling preference, touch the menu button in the middle of the bottom of your screen.
  • The first option that will show up is programming, press select.
  • It will then ask if you would like to select on, press select again.
  • From here, refer to your owner's manual for step-by-step instructions on how to schedule your preferences.

Have Further Questions on How to Adjust a Honeywell Thermostat?

For further instructions on other thermostat settings and how to use a Honeywell thermostat, please refer to the user manual provided when your installation took place, or call us anytime at (612) 324-1015. Thank you for choosing Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, have a great day!

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