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Ask the Expert: Ecm Motors

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What’s the HVAC Buzzword? ECM motors!

There is a lot of talk about ECM motors, but what’s the meaning of this industry jargon? Electronically commutated (ECM) motors are brushless DC motors where the direction of the electric current is switched using electronic controllers. ECM motors have the ability to have variable speed control while lasting equal to or longer than traditional motors.

EC motorWhy should you care?
ECM motors are very high-efficiency (65% to 80%) electric motors. This means that in most cases they use less than one-third to one-half of the electricity used by traditional induction motors used in heating and cooling systems, which in turn translates into lower operating costs and shorter payback periods.

ECM motors’ high efficiency also means that the motors run “cool”, and dramatically reduce the amount of waste heat produced. High efficiency will allow further energy savings. ECM motors are also quieter than traditional inefficient motors, have longer design life, and require less maintenance.

In terms of features, because the motor is controlled by software, ECM motors allow customers to optimize and integrate the motor, fan, and controller with the furnace, and to include features like data communications, volume control, variable speed, etc.

What about cost?
Save energy logoECM motors are more expensive than traditional inefficient motors but they have become a cost-effective alternative to traditional ones. The huge energy savings provided by ECM motors means equally large $ savings in operating costs, which in turn translate into payback periods

To learn more about ECM motors, call us today and we’ll set you up with a FREE in-home consultation. These facts were provided by Wellington who is a manufacturer of ECM and AC induction motors for refrigeration and appliances. For more information visit their website.

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