5 for 25 Drive: Challenge the Standard

We Care About Our Community

Show us you do too! Take 5 minutes of your time to write an online review of your experience with Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, and we will donate $25 to your favorite local non-profit:


Where can I leave my review? Choose any of these review sites:

Fill out the form. Once you leave the review, fill out the form:

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Who can participate? Anyone who is or has been a customer. One donation per customer.

Why this program? Watch Todd and Santiago’s conversation on the reasons for the program:

Challenge the Standard:

We were recently made aware that some competitors are paying for fake online reviews! In fact, a professor of computer science at the University of Illinois estimates that 30 percent of all online reviews are fake (Wall Street JournalABCnewsNYTimes). We want online reviews as well, but we are going to set the standards:

Again, what can I do to be part of this challenge? 

  1. Write a legitimate review about your experience with Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.
  2. Fill out the form including the name of your favorite non-profit.
  3. Get an email confirmation that you have been part of the 2013 Challenge, and a Thank You from Standard Heating and the non-profit of your choice!

We hope you join us in our efforts to make the world a better place by being aware of companies paying for false online reviews and sharing your love to your favorite non-profit!

Additional Facts:
How can I add my favorite charity to the list? Send us the name of your favorite charity to marketing@standardheating.com and we will let you know if we can include it.